saji とは。



雑誌、イベント、workshop、ケイタリング。その他、カタログなどのArt Direction、デザイン、イラストの手配など、プロジェクトの管理。フランスで展示会などをやりたいとお考えのアーティストの方のコーディネーションも行っております。

オーガナイザー: MIHO www.photo-miho.com


About saji.

15 years has past since the food magazine “saji” was first published. saji magazine started wishing purely to communicate young generation with the importance of eating. Since its first publication, under the theme “What you eat today is what you will be in 10 years” creators from different fields are expressing the importance, the joy and the beauty of eating through “saji”. Now “saji”is published once a year and in addition to the magazine it hosts events on some regular basis. In order to propose “Happy foods”to as many people as possible, it is organizing event to taste foods with different concept foods.Good food brings good spirit without any stress…saji is seeking the richness of the heart brought by the good food. The joy of eating something good with the one you love, and the happy days brought by such a moments. You will find the keys to such a life in this magazine “saji”.

  Activities of saji

Magazine, event, workshop. Art Direction for the catalog and management project. Coordinating artists who want to do exhibitions abroad (Especially Japan and France).

Founder : MIHO  www.photo-miho.com
I have been working as a photographer since 1999. I founded saji magazine in 2004. This concept has developed from a magazine to include, food Events, workshops, and Fooding in Tokyo and Paris.